Tuesday, 11 September 2012

 I am two different person.
 the tainted and the pure. 

It's crazy.

Your expectation about myself won't define the real me. Everywhere I goes, people gonna look at me. Hmmm, I mean, people starred at me. Which is I really hate it. The way they looked at me, seems like there was an alien on my head. Sometimes Im wondering. "Do I naked ?" No, I don't. So, theres must be any kind of reason why did they act like that. Well well, this is one of the reason why I don't like to expose myself in the crowd. I felt breathless. Nothing can save me on that time. Ant yet, I'd prefer to be alone everywhere I goes. I don't want to mess my mind with this trash. Trash ? Yes. Your life is non of my bussiness. Like really.

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